Building Design and Plan Documents

We are a professional member of the A.I.B.D. (American Institute of Building Design) which is an accredited national organization for the certification and education of building designers. We have advanced education in architecture and building design with over 28 years experience. We have designed hundreds of custom homes ranging from 1500 sq. ft. to over 20,000 sq. ft. in all price ranges and all types of design styles. We have incorporated in our designs a wide range of building methods and materials. From traditional methods to the latest in “green technology” we have the experience to design projects which utilize any type of construction materials or methods. Our extensive construction experience enables us to prepare a construction cost projection during the design phase of your construction plan production to insure that your project designs will fit your budget. This process will save you time and money by eliminating project redesign after your plans are completed. Our experience also enables us to “value engineer” your project throughout the design process by designing in the most cost effective manner possible and maintain the highest quality.  We believe in the “team” approach to project design and work closely with you so that your project is designed and built the way that you want.